After the Brexit how about VAT REGISTRATION BELGIUM


Vat registration Belgium makes your business live much easier. Travelling all over the world and doing business everywhere finally changed when I decided to setup a company mainly to do business with Belgium. I used a consulting company for the setup and registration of the company and one off the things they advised, was applying for Vat registration Belgium. Vat registration Belgium, should make all Vat related issues much easier, cheaper and faster. I was never interested in Vat related issues, so Vat registration Belgium was in principle new for me. But I paid the consulting company to advise me, so I should be stupid when I ignored the advises. I ordered them to apply for Vat registration Belgium. Of course the question came up with me, my main focus now was doing business with my new company with Belgium, so the Vat registration Belgium will make sense. But when I change my mind and expand into other countries, do I need to apply in each country for Vat registration? I know Vat registration Belgium exists, but is there something like Vat registration Brazil? Assume I change my strategy and really expand into other countries, some consulting companies will earn a lot of money, just like I had to pay for the application of my Vat registration Belgium. I can imagine that I expand into countries like Israel, Russia, Singapore, Australia en many other, maybe also South America. Finding in these, sometimes, corrupt and / or complicated countries, the right, trustful consulting companies, won’t be easy and for sure I seriously will have to pay for it. They time that I didn´t think about taxes is gone, even though it isn´t better yet. It´s a fact that every country has his own and different tax system. When somebody thinks that the EU changed anything, he is completely wrong. And what about the USA, every state has a different tax system. Doing business isn´t so easy and nice anymore as in the past. Nothing is allowed, a lot is impossible and for everything you have a rule. And of course in every different country this isn´t the same. When I started my own business about 30 years ago, it was fun. I started as one of the first importing cheap electronics from China. To get into China and find the right parties was a bit complicated in the beginning, but after finding an honest and trustful Chinese partner everything went smooth. In that time there was nothing like Vat registration Belgium, or other type of complicated rules. It was just buying, very, cheap stuff transport it to Europe and sell it for high prices. The quality of the electronics wasn´t always good, but so cheap that the risk could be taken. After some years the EU came up with the first complicated rules about security and quality and to protect their own market with all kind of weird import restrictions. But still manageable, the Chinese are creative, so they came with all kind of security and quality guarantees, even though they didn´t change anything at the production, they made nice pieces of paperwork showing the securities and quality measurement taken. I had no problem with this, for me it didn´t change that much and I still made a lot of easy money. The last 10 years the competition was getting stronger and stronger and quality and security on paper only didn´t work anymore. I decided to stop and decided to start exporting potatoes to Belgium, the French fries country in the world. During the setup my advisors came up with the Vat registration Belgium issue. I worried, but found at the end a good service company taking care of my Vat registration Belgium.