Fiscal representative Belgium- A brief


Fiscal representative Belgium- A brief

Belgium is a perfect place for trade from abroad because of its strategic location but what happens is that when foreign companies are confronted with Belgian VAT they are clueless about the VAT regime. In that case what the foreign company can do is to appoint a fiscal representative in Belgium or short in Google fiscal representative belgium, who will act on behalf of this foreign company and take care of all rights and obligations imposed by tax authorities. The company will not need a second representative within the European Union even when the company imports all goods via Belgium.


The fiscal representative will help you get a VAT registration. Once registered the representative will help you fill VAT returns, special VAT returns and make VAT payments. Like we just discussed special returns could be filed by the fiscal representative. This is important because you might not be aware of the phenomenon of special returns unless the representative tells you and even if you do know about the same then you might not know the procedure. In special returns information that is to be provided is the detail of intra-community acquisitions and certain services that the company might have received. The purpose is to calculate the amount of VAT that becomes due. Also, special VAT returns can be electronically filed.


A fiscal representative in Belgium also helps with execution of VAT payments and assists your VAT inspections. VAT inspections can be scary if one is not prepared so what you ought to do is keep filing your VAT returns periodically and paying your VAT dues in time to avoid inspection. But even then if an inspection occurs the fiscal representative will help out of this vicious circle. When invoices are being prepared at that stage the representative makes sure that Belgian laws are being complied with. When it comes to annual client listing the representative helps prepare and file the same. Intrastat returns which are considered complicated can be simplified by the representative. Last of all the representative helps you with different accounting services.


The best part about fiscal representatives is that their team is multi lingual and therefore representatives really help when it comes to trading with certain countries where the tax authorities only speak the local language and where the laws are written in the local language. These representatives prepare the whole road map on the VAT behavior of your company.


I would like to conclude with telling you how fiscal representatives help in the worst case scenario of litigation with the tax authorities. They help by providing a free of charge dispute assessment where they calculate and tell you about your chances of winning the legal battle. Then the opinion is arrived at according to which the fault of your company is either not questionable or moderately and highly questionable. Also, an analysis of the fine imposed by authorities is done and if the fine imposed by the tax authorities are found to be justified then the fiscal representative will tell you to go for settlement and if the fines are disproportionate then the representative will tell you to go for an appeal. In this note the role of the representative has been elucidated from beginning to end and you can now take an informed decision.